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From The Vault: Sean Connery’s 15 Best Films

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From The Vault: Sean Connery’s 15 Best Films

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On this the day of Sir Sean Connery’s 90th Birthday Film Frak Adam is sharing a FROM THE VAULT post written 13 years ago as a 77th Birthday and Retirement celebration.

It’s been a long while since Film Frak Adam contributed a FROM THE VAULT post so here’s a brief explanation. Before Film Frak Adam was the Frakker he was John Doe and like everything else in this universe all cinema itself is interconnected on a molecular level. Slowly over time he plans to import many of his older reviews over to this new site under the banner of FROM THE VAULT. The format is simple, anytime he reviews a film here and it can be thematically (actor, Director, narrative etc) linked to a previous critique from the old site he will be sharing...

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