FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2


FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Film Frak Podcast

We’re back with our second episode in moving pictures. Man is this more fun than audio only. Loving the audience interaction.

We always wanted a TV show to chat movies. This is like we have a real Cinema Review show now, just with more swearing than networks allowed growing up.

Continuing to try and fill in the blanks from January to June this time round we chat:

VFW (click here to watch trailer)

AFTER MIDNIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

THE WAVE (click here to watch trailer)

BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE (click here to watch trailer)

BUFFALOED (click here to watch trailer)

GUNS AKIMBO (click here to watch trailer)

TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG (click here to watch trailer)

ONWARD (click here to watch trailer)


As requested, please let us know in the feedback what you would like to see Film Frak talk about on the show.

Hope you enjoy the new format.

Till next time. Thanks for watching.


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