FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

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FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Film Frak podcast.

That’s right! It happened!
Film Frak has entered a brave new virtual age. The dawning of sight and sound broadcasting on a global scale with Jon in New Hampshire and Adam in Perth.

For this premiere video episode we pack in all the cinephilic (cinephalic?) banter you’ve come to expect but with an added obstacle beyond the obvious camera thing. For A/V reasons Adam & Jon must try not talk over each other in the Zoom studio. No small ask.

So what are our smiling frakking hosts talking about on camera today anyway? Looking back at a few 2020 titles we have escaped into during these “unprecedented times”

NOT FOR RESALE (Click here to view trailer)
CAPONE (Click here to view trailer)
EXTRACTION (Click here to view trailer)
THE GENTLEMEN (Click here to view trailer)
UNDERWATER (Click here to view trailer)
THE INVISIBLE MAN (Click here to view trailer)
COLOR OUT OF SPACE (Click here to view trailer)
COME TO DADDY (Click here to view trailer)

As requested, please let us know in the feedback what you would like to see Film Frak talk about on the show.

Hope you enjoy the new format.

Till next time. Thanks for watching.

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