Who the FraK Am I?

Film Frak About MeWho the FraK Am I?

I’m the guy writing the news and reviews on the site. Another foolhardy geek who clawed his way into a career in film journalism and screenwriting. Plagued with a cinephilic affliction contracted on my 5th Birthday when Star Wars entered my eyeballs for the first time and transmogrified my brain’s sensory perception. Ever since that cinema excursion I chase the dragon at 24 frames per second.

A certified movie maniac, this celluloid disease dictated my first job working in a video store, then ushering in cinemas. Inevitably a Fear and Loathing sized self destructive streak sent me spiraling into a writer’s life. Outside of the rampant reviewing that comes from compulsive voyeurism and over analysis I’ve contributed to screenplays that have actually garnered festival attention. Walking cliche that I am it’s, “Nothing you would have seen”.

Beyond the eternal quest for paid published jobs, screenplays are being engineered and currently a Producer credit sees me working on a documentary that could potentially become the ultimate look at the alternative music scene in the 90’s.

Prepare yourself for an esoteric film fraking experience that inspires screenings of cult gems of the past, fiery discussion of current releases and passionate enthusiasm for future attractions.

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