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Fraking Favourite 25 Films of 2016



Adam & Jon’s Frakking Favourite Films of 2016

*FilmFrak theme as Fanfare plays*

Well that happened. In April 2016 Jon and Adam teamed up to broadcast the very first episode of the podcast…and someone listened. Spawned out of desperation to somehow legitimize a lifetime spent individually feeding their obscene cinema obsessions and their singular drives to endlessly discuss all things motion picture with anyone in shouting distance. The mere whiff of encouragement they received from a small band of merry frakkers was enough so that this pair of anti-social degenerates is now airing their 10th episode. So first we would like to say thank you so much for tuning in.

2016 toyed with expectations as many of the franchise blockbusters disappointed but the sleeper and creeper hits from around the...

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