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FilmFrak Podcast Special: The Martial Arts Kid Starring T.J. Storm

TJ Storm

T.J. Storm Publicity Still

The Martial Arts Kid FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring T.J. Storm

T.J. Storm may not be a household name but you’ve most definitely appreciated the man’s work without knowing it. He’s an actor, martial artist, stuntman and dancer. He also does motion capture and voice work for films and video games.

Among his acting credits are Maginty in Punisher: War Zone. He’s worked with Udo Kier & Bridgette Nielsen in Doomsday and made an appearance in A Month of Sunday’s from 2001 starring Rod Steiger, Sally Kirkland, Michael Pare, Dee Wallace and Jamie Farr.

As a motion capture artist he’s suited up for the likes of Avatar, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, JJ’s Star T...

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