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Won’t You Be My Neighbor (2018)



Won’t You Be My Neighbor 

Director: Morgan Neville

Starring: Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Betty Aberlin, Francois Clemmons, David Newell

A review by Jon Caron

Won’t You Be My Neighbor affected me far more than any other film I can think of in recent years. It has stirred a lot of memories and feelings inside of me that I have either chosen to put aside or suppress entirely. This review is going to get personal. I never get personal. Some of the closest people to me only know vague details of my upbringing, it’s something that while I acknowledge had a substantial part in forming who I am as a person, I choose not to dwell on or use it as either a crutch or some kind of ‘I overcame’ type story. It’s just my life...

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