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The 87th Academy Awards: 2015 Oscar Selections

2015 Academy Award Nominees

The 87th Academy Awards: The Official Fraker 2015 Oscar Selections


The 87th Academy Awards Predictions

The 87th Academy Awards Predictions

It’s that time again where the Academy Awards buffer up against my obsessive cinematic addiction. It’s a date where my own adoration and love for the medium sees negativity hit its apex. It’s also a night where my own masochistic tendencies are in full view as a misguided sense of obligation to arguably the most meaningless and superficial of all the political awards shows sees me tuning in for inevitable torture.

As hard as I have tried since 1997 (the year I finally realized how little quality had to do with prize winners) I can never make it to the Best Picture announcement as the gossip magazine style approach just reaches unbearable levels...

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