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FilmFrak: The Podcast#6: WE HAVE THEME MUSIC



Welcome to FilmFrak: The Podcast#6. We’re taking it to the next level people, getting all professional and shit. As of this month we have state of the art recording technology in the booth so you can hear our soothing tones in the highest fidelity. Most exciting of all for a pair of narcissistic assholes like us a lifelong dream is fulfilled as we now officially have our own theme music courtesy of composer extraordinaire Timothy Fife. (You can check out Tim’s amazing work at www.timothyfife.com/ or via FaceBook) As of last week you can also subscribe to us via iTunes and Android as well as download the podcast to your devices. (See links below)

With all this new infrastructure in place we tackle a bunch of new 2016 releases,  BLOOD FATHER, KUBO & THE TWO STRINGS, HELL OR HIGH WATER, DON&...

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