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FilmFrak: The Podcast#8: We Are Strange



Welcome to FilmFrak: The Podcast#8. A little less cinematic consumption of 2016 releases since last we hung out doesn’t reduce the chatter. Jon takes the opportunity to lay some knowledge on us about the game changing home cinema tech marvel that is LG OLED screens.

As for the reason you tune in (other than our charming personalities) the film reviews this month take off with the latest MCU adventure DR. STRANGE. We then chew on some Korean horror in the form of TRAIN TO BUSAN and THE WAILING followed by THE ACCOUNTANT, GIRL ON THE TRAIN, A BIGGER SPLASH and NERVE.

The 4K/HD Werner Herzog documentary INTO THE INFERNO is next before we go retro with WILLOW and a little more Pam Grier love for JACKIE BROWN.

Our main feature of the day is the much buzzed about, highly anticipated THE HANDMAI...

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Favourite Fraking Soundtracks (1995 -2014) – Part 3

Favourite Fraking Soundtracks (1995 -2014)  

Part 3 of 3; Compilation Soundtrack Albums. 


Part 3 of 3; Vocal Compilation Soundtrack Albums (In alphabetical order)

Last week’s posts focused exclusively on instrumental scoring with Part 1 & Part 2 of my Favourite Fraking Soundtracks from 1995 to the present day. This week it’s time for Part 3, Vocal Compilation Soundtracks.

Unlike non-vocal film scoring, lyrical tracks can use their words to inform audiences of scene intent or foreshadow events to come. Comprised of familiar tracks they can also carry a nostalgic, sentimental weight or musically set a distinct time period...

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