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FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4


FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4

Watch FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4

Listen to the Audio only Podcast here if you’re on the road

Welcome to episode 37 of the Film Frak Podcast 

Are you frakkers ready for another round of Film Frak Video Podcasting?

We haven’t done a show “real” since early June so it’s time to catch up on some 2020 releases we’ve been screening.

This episode we open with a chat about the Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti romantic time loop comedy PALM SPRINGS. We follow that with 2 Netflix originals. The immortal super-heroes flick starring Charlize Theron, THE OLD GUARD and Spike Lee’s latest DA 5 BLOODS...

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FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3


FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3

Welcome to episode 36 of the Film Frak Podcast

 We are continuing in the new format and having an absolute blast.

2020 has offered us enough back log that it’s taken 3 full episodes over 2 hours each to catch up. Despite the obvious shortage of fresh titles we are still cherry picking the titles we “want” to talk about.

This week we dig into:

 THE VAST OF NIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

PROXIMA  (click here to watch trailer)

TRIP TO GREECE  (click here to watch trailer)

DOGS DON’T WEAR PANTS  (click here to watch trailer)

BLOOD MACHINES  (click here to watch trailer)

THE LODGE  (click here to watch trailer)

THE PLATFORM aka EL HOYO  (click here to watch trailer)


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FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2


FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Film Frak Podcast

We’re back with our second episode in moving pictures. Man is this more fun than audio only. Loving the audience interaction.

We always wanted a TV show to chat movies. This is like we have a real Cinema Review show now, just with more swearing than networks allowed growing up.

Continuing to try and fill in the blanks from January to June this time round we chat:

VFW (click here to watch trailer)

AFTER MIDNIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

THE WAVE (click here to watch trailer)

BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE (click here to watch trailer)

BUFFALOED (click here to watch trailer)

GUNS AKIMBO (click here to watch trailer)

TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG (click here to watch trailer)

ONWARD (click h...

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FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

Film Frak Podcast 34 Banner

FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Film Frak podcast.

That’s right! It happened!
Film Frak has entered a brave new virtual age. The dawning of sight and sound broadcasting on a global scale with Jon in New Hampshire and Adam in Perth.

For this premiere video episode we pack in all the cinephilic (cinephalic?) banter you’ve come to expect but with an added obstacle beyond the obvious camera thing. For A/V reasons Adam & Jon must try not talk over each other in the Zoom studio. No small ask.

So what are our smiling frakking hosts talking about on camera today anyway? Looking back at a few 2020 titles we have escaped into during these “unprecedented times”

NOT FOR RESALE (Click here to view trailer)
CAPONE (Click here to view trailer)

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FilmFrak: The Podcast#18: It’s the Mother of all Blade Runners

FilmFrak Banner#18: BLADE RUNNER 2049
FilmFrak Banner#18: BLADE RUNNER 2049

FilmFrak Banner#18: BLADE RUNNER 2049

Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 18. This episode Jon and Adam talk:

  • IT

Same as last month we also include some compendium reviews, this time it’s PAYING MR McGETTY (2017) MARTIAL ARTS KID (2015) to go with our exclusive interviews with martial stars Don ‘The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock along with film scorer Etcetera.

Until next month, as always we encourage all feedback and thank you for listening.

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FilmFrak The Podcast 14: THE ALIEN WOMAN OF WONDER



Welcome to FilmFrak The Podcast 14

As Adam and Jon nurse the consequences of nocturnal addictions from the evening before things start off a little low energy this month…but fear not dear listeners once the chatter turns to cinematic obsessions things get lively fast.

This episode the woman with the lasso of truth and an invisible plane (not that it’s in the film but even if it were, would we see it?) takes the lead as we talk WONDER WOMAN.

ALIEN CONVENANT, WAR MACHINE, BAYWATCH, YOUR NAME, KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD, THE CIRCLE and LEGO BATMAN follow. Then we turn our attention to the film we just screened before the show, FREE FIRE. The documentaries MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMURAI and BORN IN CHINA are touched upon and much love for the retro 4K cinema screening of HIGHLANDER.

After tha...

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Welcome to FilmFrak Podcast 13. Things get a little rowdier than usual this episode when Jon and Adam break their SPOILERS rule while exchanging body blows discussing PERSONAL SHOPPER. Consider this a courtesy warning for those who haven’t seen it. (Review starts at the 59.00 minute mark for those who wish to avoid knowing the films secrets)

It’s not all violence and mayhem, first there’s an impromptu state of the MCU chat fuelled by the release of GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2. Next is GHOST IN THE SHELL, COLOSSAL, THE LOST CITY OF Z and then comes PERSONAL SHOPPER.

After that things calm down as THE PROMISE, PATERSON, A MONSTER CALLS, GIFTED, THE ASSIGNMENT and THE FOUNDER are focused on. The Netflix documentary 5 CAME BACK is briefly touched on as is a retro-screening of TREMORS.

Until nex...

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FilmFrak: The Podcast#12: ABANDON HOPE



We’re back for our second show of 2017 and it’s one that will go down in history. This episode we go off script to singlehandedly solve all of Hollywood and society’s problem regarding diversity and quality representation.

If the sheer genius of our wisdom beholden upon humanity isn’t enough to make you listen we also discuss a slew of new releases starting with the creature feature LIFE. Then it’s onto the horror of GET OUT, THE VOID, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, DEVIL’S CANDY and THE LOVE WITCH. Finally we cover 20TH CENTURY WOMEN, LOGAN, KONG: SKULL ISLAND and I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE. There is even talk of the retro EVILD DEAD 2/ARMY OF DARKNESS screening hosted by Jon himself.

Until next month, as always we encourage all feedback and thank you for listening.

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FilmFrak: The Podcast#11: Fraking Anticipated Films of 2017

FilmFrak Banner Episode_11_MAR2017

FilmFrak Banner Episode_11_MAR2017

The Frakkers are back from sabbatical and their excited to deliver your first FilmFrak fix of the year.

This episode we catch you up on the 2017 films we have already sampled before diving into the titles that have us marking the calendars in anticipation of their release.

We begin with the unsettling horror THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE followed by WAR ON EVERYONE, JOHN WICK, SPLIT, SILENCE, THE GREAT WALL, I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE, CURE FOR WELLNESS, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, GOLD and TRESPASS AGAINST US. After that it’s onto discussing some of our most anticipated films of 2017. (See below for trailers and details)

Thank you to all the listeners who made 2016 such a fun time and will I’m sure make 2017 another fraking entertaining year.

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So it is that with the earworm, “Ricky Baker…Ricky Baker…Ricky Baker” refusing to leave our heads that we present you with Podcast #5. Tune in to hear our patented half-finished sentences, rambling nonsensical logic trees and consistently shouty delivery as we ponder the state of modern civilization, libertarianism, the definition of “real world fantasy” and other themes from this month’s new releases.

Proving his lack of dedication, yet again Adam has managed to avoid the cinematic gambles and left poor old Jon to slog through the dregs...

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