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FilmFrak Exclusive: PAYING MR McGETTY Interview with Etcetera

PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera
PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera

PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera

FilmFrak Exclusive: PAYING MR. McGETTY Interview with Etcetera

After having the privilege of speaking to Don “The Dragon Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock last month your ever vigilante Frakkers continue their PAYING MR. McGETTY press extravaganza. This time it’s an exclusive email interview with the award winning actor/musician Etcetera who worked on the soundtrack.

Etcetera took time out of his bustling schedule producing and recording in the studio as well as creating music for cinema to answer our questions. We hope you enjoy reading about this relatively new face.

ETCETERAThank you for taking the time for this interview. We’re here today to talk about working on your second feature film soundtrack, PAYING MR. McGETTY...

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Favourite Fraking Soundtracks (1995 -2014) – Part 3

Favourite Fraking Soundtracks (1995 -2014)  

Part 3 of 3; Compilation Soundtrack Albums. 


Part 3 of 3; Vocal Compilation Soundtrack Albums (In alphabetical order)

Last week’s posts focused exclusively on instrumental scoring with Part 1 & Part 2 of my Favourite Fraking Soundtracks from 1995 to the present day. This week it’s time for Part 3, Vocal Compilation Soundtracks.

Unlike non-vocal film scoring, lyrical tracks can use their words to inform audiences of scene intent or foreshadow events to come. Comprised of familiar tracks they can also carry a nostalgic, sentimental weight or musically set a distinct time period...

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