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FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4


FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4

Watch FILM FRAK PODCAST 37: 2020 Catch-Up Part 4

Listen to the Audio only Podcast here if you’re on the road

Welcome to episode 37 of the Film Frak Podcast 

Are you frakkers ready for another round of Film Frak Video Podcasting?

We haven’t done a show “real” since early June so it’s time to catch up on some 2020 releases we’ve been screening.

This episode we open with a chat about the Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti romantic time loop comedy PALM SPRINGS. We follow that with 2 Netflix originals. The immortal super-heroes flick starring Charlize Theron, THE OLD GUARD and Spike Lee’s latest DA 5 BLOODS...

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FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 2


Film Frak Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 2

Watch FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 2

Greetings Frakkers.

Welcome to our second retro podcast special Comfort Food Flicks series.

You can watch Part 1 HERE

For those who missed last week’s launch. Here’s a quick rundown of what we are talking about.

During these “unprecedented” times of global turmoil and isolation we decided to list some of our Comfort Food Flicks.

Different from Favourites these are like the Chicken Soup of cinema to us. The films Jon and I turn to in challenging times to escape into the magical world of moving pictures. Movies we know inside out that have become part of our DNA. They are more like old friends at this point there to make us smile and remind us why we are addicted to the medium.

This episode Jon talks...

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Adam & Jon’s Frakking Favourite Films of 2019

***DISCLAIMER: We apologize for the poor audio quality of our first international broadcast. The intent was to share a video chat we had via Skype but the app defaults to 15 fps instead of 24-30 fps and no matter how it was converted both audio and video were unusable. We are now looking into alternatives to enter the video age. Thank you. 

Good news Frak fans. The wait is almost over!

As regular readers/listeners will know Film Frak has been on hiatus the last 9 months, but the new and improved or is that improvised Film Frak podcast will be returning very soon...

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Film Frak: The Podcast#32: HIATUS Anouncement



Welcome to Film Frak: Episode 32

Regular listeners we need to apologize. It’s been a longtime in a galaxy far, far away since our last episode. Truth be told this one was recorded in June and it’s taken us until now to actually broadcast…but we have a good excuse. Film Frak Adam has aborted the American Dream and returned to that land down under.

Travelling internationally, setting up a new life, separation anxiety and mixed emotions at leaving the land of John Wayne and admittedly Film Frak Jon has meant that honestly until now Adam couldn’t face writing this lead-in.

Anyway, enough with the excuses, on with the show...

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Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: Starring Jennifer Strickland


Jennifer_StricklandFilm Frak Podcast Interview Special: Starring Jennifer Strickland

In this short, enjoyable Film Frak interview we spend a few moments with upcoming Actress Jennifer Strickland.

Based out of California we talk about Jennifer developing a taste for theatre early on. How after some of that “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” detouring she is looking to a future of stage and screen again.

Other than her thespian passions Jennifer also shares her on-going contributions to charity organizations like The Paul Walker Foundation. .

Film Frak thanks Jennifer for taking the time to chat and look forward to hearing about her future success.

You can follow Jennifer Strickland on Facebook

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor (2018)



Won’t You Be My Neighbor 

Director: Morgan Neville

Starring: Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Betty Aberlin, Francois Clemmons, David Newell

A review by Jon Caron

Won’t You Be My Neighbor affected me far more than any other film I can think of in recent years. It has stirred a lot of memories and feelings inside of me that I have either chosen to put aside or suppress entirely. This review is going to get personal. I never get personal. Some of the closest people to me only know vague details of my upbringing, it’s something that while I acknowledge had a substantial part in forming who I am as a person, I choose not to dwell on or use it as either a crutch or some kind of ‘I overcame’ type story. It’s just my life...

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Film Frak Podcast 25: SOLO’s REVENGE



Welcome to Film Frak Podcast 25

The humidity was high on a scorching Boston day as your voyeuristic frakkers sat down to record Episode 25 of the Film Frak Podcast, appropriate considering the scorcher of a film that we talk about first.

The month of May was one of the busiest yet with life getting in the way of other plans but there is ALWAYS time for movie watching. How could we not make time when the attractions included a new Star Wars film. A Deadpool sequel some quality exploitation and genre deconstruction, head fuckery, real world fantasy and WWII survival.

On this episode we talk:

  • Revenge
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Deadpool 2
  • You Were Never Really Here
  • The Endless
  • Hostiles
  • I Kill Giants
  • The 12th Man
  • An...
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Frakking Favourite 25 Films of 2015

Sicario Poster

Frakking Favourite 25 Films of 2015

Sicario Poster

Sicario Poster

The frakker saw 91 films in 2015 and though there were some outright duds (TERMINATOR GENYSIS, SELF-LESS, THE VISIT) and failed to meet expectations disappointments (EVEREST, TALES OF HALLOWEEN, TRAINWRECK) for the most part it was a golden year in cinema. That I had to make a top 25 and then add an additional 20 plus titles to the honorable mentions is proof of the good time that was had in the darkened movie house this past 12 months. Now the preamble is done, there is just one more thing that I need to get out of the way before we can begin….


Stand alone favourite: STAR WARS; THE FORCE AWAKENS

Let’s be honest here, as a lifelong STAR WARS obsessed nut trying to be “objective” about the film franchise that made me a cinephile is as futi...

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Fraking Welcome: An Adam Lovett Screenplay

Website banner

FilmFrak Marquee


Outside a quixotically maintained cinema. The kind that boasts midnight screenings of CHARLEY VARRICK, KISS ME DEADLY and NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. ~Features Takeshi Miike and Nicolas Refn-Winding in the coming attractions, still serves beer and is laced with the faint aroma of ganja. ~

The movie house marquee flashes the latest releases, a Saturday matinee and tonight’s after dark double bill LE SAMOURAI & LEON: The PROFESSIONAL.

Under the pulsing neon FRAKER1 and FRAKER2 come into view. FRAKER1 is in his early 30’s. Tall with the look of a young Jeff Goldblum he struts like a scruffy lookin’ herder of some fantastical creature. ~FRAKER2, 41, walks with a slight limp out of habit and reminds of John Cazale.

The film-geek duo purchase tickets and en...

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