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The Rise of the Synths (2020)

Rise Of the Synths Banner

Rise Of the Synths Banner

Screening as part of the 2020 Perth Revelation Film Festival’s COUCHED online line-up from July 9th-19th. To purchase tickets, see schedules and additional information visit the official page HERE 

RevCouched Revelation Film Festival 2020


A review by Adam Lovett

Writer/Director: Ivan Castell
Starring: John Carpenter, Carpenter Brut, Power Glove, Gunship, Miami 1984, Stallone 80, Gost

Nostalgia. In 2020 it’s a term that tends to be assigned as criticism. A shorthand for derivative, vapid art aimed at an audiences arrested development. Living in the past and achieving entertainment value only for those cursed by it. So, before I even begin this review let me just confess that around the neon soaked virtual halls of Film Frak the word “nostalgia” is not a negative in and of itself...

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