The Rise of the Synths (2020)

Rise Of the Synths Banner

Rise Of the Synths Banner

Screening as part of the 2020 Perth Revelation Film Festival’s COUCHED online line-up from July 9th-19th. To purchase tickets, see schedules and additional information visit the official page HERE 

RevCouched Revelation Film Festival 2020


A review by Adam Lovett

Writer/Director: Ivan Castell
Starring: John Carpenter, Carpenter Brut, Power Glove, Gunship, Miami 1984, Stallone 80, Gost

Nostalgia. In 2020 it’s a term that tends to be assigned as criticism. A shorthand for derivative, vapid art aimed at an audiences arrested development. Living in the past and achieving entertainment value only for those cursed by it. So, before I even begin this review let me just confess that around the neon soaked virtual halls of Film Frak the word “nostalgia” is not a negative in and of itself...

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FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

Film Frak Podcast_Comfort_Food_Episode_1_Banner

Film Frak Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

Watch FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome too a new format with FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1.

We listened to your feedback and now it’s time to take your good advice.

We’re excited to announce our first ever retro podcast. What better place to launch during these “unprecedented” times of global turmoil and isolation than with a list of our Comfort Food Flicks.

Different from Favourites these are like the Chicken Soup of cinema to us. The films Jon and Adam turn to in challenging times to escape into the magical world of moving pictures. Movies we know inside out that have become part of our DNA. They are more like old friends at this point there to make us smile and remind us why we are addicted to the medium.

This pil...

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FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3


FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3

Welcome to episode 36 of the Film Frak Podcast

 We are continuing in the new format and having an absolute blast.

2020 has offered us enough back log that it’s taken 3 full episodes over 2 hours each to catch up. Despite the obvious shortage of fresh titles we are still cherry picking the titles we “want” to talk about.

This week we dig into:

 THE VAST OF NIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

PROXIMA  (click here to watch trailer)

TRIP TO GREECE  (click here to watch trailer)

DOGS DON’T WEAR PANTS  (click here to watch trailer)

BLOOD MACHINES  (click here to watch trailer)

THE LODGE  (click here to watch trailer)

THE PLATFORM aka EL HOYO  (click here to watch trailer)


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FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2


FILM FRAK PODCAST #35: 2020 Films Catch-Up – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Film Frak Podcast

We’re back with our second episode in moving pictures. Man is this more fun than audio only. Loving the audience interaction.

We always wanted a TV show to chat movies. This is like we have a real Cinema Review show now, just with more swearing than networks allowed growing up.

Continuing to try and fill in the blanks from January to June this time round we chat:

VFW (click here to watch trailer)

AFTER MIDNIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

THE WAVE (click here to watch trailer)

BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE (click here to watch trailer)

BUFFALOED (click here to watch trailer)

GUNS AKIMBO (click here to watch trailer)

TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG (click here to watch trailer)

ONWARD (click h...

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FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

Film Frak Podcast 34 Banner

FILM FRAK PODCAST #34: 2020 Films Catch-Up

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Film Frak podcast.

That’s right! It happened!
Film Frak has entered a brave new virtual age. The dawning of sight and sound broadcasting on a global scale with Jon in New Hampshire and Adam in Perth.

For this premiere video episode we pack in all the cinephilic (cinephalic?) banter you’ve come to expect but with an added obstacle beyond the obvious camera thing. For A/V reasons Adam & Jon must try not talk over each other in the Zoom studio. No small ask.

So what are our smiling frakking hosts talking about on camera today anyway? Looking back at a few 2020 titles we have escaped into during these “unprecedented times”

NOT FOR RESALE (Click here to view trailer)
CAPONE (Click here to view trailer)

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Adam & Jon’s Frakking Favourite Films of 2019

***DISCLAIMER: We apologize for the poor audio quality of our first international broadcast. The intent was to share a video chat we had via Skype but the app defaults to 15 fps instead of 24-30 fps and no matter how it was converted both audio and video were unusable. We are now looking into alternatives to enter the video age. Thank you. 

Good news Frak fans. The wait is almost over!

As regular readers/listeners will know Film Frak has been on hiatus the last 9 months, but the new and improved or is that improvised Film Frak podcast will be returning very soon...

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The Irishman (2019)

Irishman poster-2019

Irishman poster-2019


A review by Adam Lovett

Writer/Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin, Bobby Cannavale, Jesse Plemmions, Stephen Graham, Jack Huston

“What kind of man makes a call like that…”

Martin Scorsese has made his GODFATHER instead of another GOODFELLAS, not to detract from that films magnificence. This is a far more mature and contemplative gangster film than anything in his past canon.

The distinction begins with the way THE IRISHMAN never for a frame makes anyone look cool but instead exposes their scummy, selfish and petty underbelly...

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Film Frak: The Podcast#32: HIATUS Anouncement



Welcome to Film Frak: Episode 32

Regular listeners we need to apologize. It’s been a longtime in a galaxy far, far away since our last episode. Truth be told this one was recorded in June and it’s taken us until now to actually broadcast…but we have a good excuse. Film Frak Adam has aborted the American Dream and returned to that land down under.

Travelling internationally, setting up a new life, separation anxiety and mixed emotions at leaving the land of John Wayne and admittedly Film Frak Jon has meant that honestly until now Adam couldn’t face writing this lead-in.

Anyway, enough with the excuses, on with the show...

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Film Frak: The Podcast#31: Frakking Most Anticipated of 2019



Film Frak: The Podcast#31: Frakking Most Anticipated of 2019

Welcome to Film Frak: Episode 31

With our best of 2018 episode in the rearview it’s time to look towards the future. Before that however we do some final 2018 housekeeping as well as examine some early 2019 entries that we’ve caught.

This month we review:

  • Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Polar
  • Piercing
  • Beast
  • High Flying Bird
  • Reign of the Supermen
  • Standoff at Sparrow Creek
  • Free Solo
  • Joan Jett

…then it’s onto the real business of the day with some 2019 releases that show the kind of traits we are lured by around these parts. We speculate on what they may deliver and why they have our attention.

Only time will tell which movies deliver and which fail t...

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Adam & Jon’s Frakking Favourite Films of 2018

2018 saw our Film Frak podcast continue to flourish even as we failed to mentally mature a single frame. Aside from the audience multiplying we also managed to get some modicum of attention from filmmakers we admire via interweb/social media kismet interaction. Namely we loved their work and they happily encouraged us. Sure that’s probably more exciting for us than you, but hey this is the end of year wrap up and it’s time for a little self-love from this pair of wankers.

Staying on that theme this year was the stuff that dreams are made of as far as guest interviews. Thanks to fan of the show Steve Joiner for reaching out and offering his services...

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