Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: The JAWS 43rd Anniversary Starring Joe Alves

Continuing our 43rd anniversary celebration of Spielberg’s JAWS that started with writer Carl Gottlieb, we are honored to welcome Production Designer extraordinaire Mr. Joe Alves to the Film Frak podcast.

That’s right the artist responsible for building the mechanical shark nicknamed Bruce in the original film as well as JAWS 2 is here. The man who Directed JAWS 3-D chats with us about his contributions to the trilogy of oceanic terror for Halloween.

This is another of those bucket list conversations especially when factoring in that the man also discovered then built the famous Devil’s Tower model for CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Collaborations with John Carpenter on ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and STARMAN also have us in awe of the man’s body of work.

During the course of an hour we tackle all the above as well as how Joe approaches his craft, what he thinks of the age of CG versus practical FX. We even find time for his early work with Hitchcock’s Paul Newman film TORN CURTAIN and Disney’s classic science fiction FORBIDDEN PLANET…on top of all that there is also the shattering of a long held JAWS myth…If all that doesn’t make you Frakkers want to give it a listen, I may have to question your love of cinema!


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