Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: The Jaws 43rd Anniversary Starring Carl Gottlieb



Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: The Jaws 43rd Anniversary Starring Carl Gottlieb

This week marks the 43rd anniversary of JAWS and to celebrate I had the privilege of chatting to the films screenwriter Carl Gottlieb.

This is one of those interviews I’ve dreamed about all my life. To chat with the man who had a major hand in scarring my childhood with a deep seeded fear of the oceans apex predator by adapting Peter Benchley’s novel JAWS into a screenplay. It’s safe to say that few writers have had such a powerful effect in influencing my reality as Carl Gottlieb.

THE JAWS LOG was a revelation. As a kid in the 80’s scouring bookstores it was the first ever frank and unglamorous window into the day to day challenges on film sets that I ever discovered. A film journal designed to be a somewhat educational, perhaps also cautionary triumph of the human spirit text for fledgling film nuts like me.

Gottlieb’s work penning the screenplay for the hilarious Carl Reiner Directed Steve Martin classic THE JERK in a way had a hand in shaping what I respond to in cinematic comedies too.

We talk process and craft. We talk Directing CAVEMAN AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON and THE ABSENT MINDED WAITER. We talk acting in MASH, INTO THE NIGHT, STING II and CLUELESS. We talk writing TV’s THE ODD COUPLE and Smothers Brothers, JAWS sequels, Dan Ackroyd’s DOCTOR DETROIT and Richard Pryor’s WHICH WAY IS UP…Oh and we talk the upcoming Florida Shark Con coming up in July

There are so many topics explored in this already treasured memory that I am eager to share with all our listeners. Most exciting for me might be hearing about Mr. Gottlieb’s current film project ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT: IT’S NOT ABOUT ELVIS a.k.a. STOWAWAYS that really is a story that needs to be told.

For more information about Shark-Con click HERE

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