FilmFrak: The Podcast#4: ARE WE THAT SHALLOW?



What a fucking ride! Running on minimal sleep and a hazy hangover we’ve just driven many miles from an overnight adventure to NYC to worship at the temple of John Carpenter Live. Dedicated to our small but loyal audience we’ve decided to forego personal hygiene, cerebral lucidity or a snooze to record a rambling retelling of our cinematic adventures.

Aside from our pilgrimage to witness the synthesized power of JC we will also talk about retro 35mm screenings of THE BREAKFAST CLUB and EL TOPO along with SWISS ARMY MEN, NEON DEMON, THE SHALLOWS. DEMOLITION, KNIGHT OF CUPS, FINDING DORY, ID4: RESURGENCE, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME, APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN, THE TRUST, EYE IN THE SKY and the bewildering documentary TICKLED.

As if that’s not enough we are so in love with our own voices that we rattle off our favourite films of the year so far. Take that as a warning, time gets away from us and we run long. Enter at your own risk.


If you want these frakkers to keep on going, give us a listen and then comment below.

2 comments to FilmFrak: The Podcast#4: ARE WE THAT SHALLOW?

  • Shaun  says:

    Loved the podcast this week, your salivating raves n’ rants lead me to see Swiss Army Man, Demolition and also have a Carpenter marathon.

    Oh and I also loved The Councilor ( yes I’m one of those), and will have to give Knight Of Cups another try.

    • FilmFrak  says:

      That’s what it’s all about! Glad to inspire and happy to hear another lone voice championing Ridley’s misunderstood gem.

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