FilmFrak: The Podcast#3: WE’RE NOT THAT NICE



Well, it’s a trilogy. This thing is happening and after 3 shows we are happy as Bruce Willis dancing a Last Boyscout jig.

June 2016 was littered with cinematic black holes of apocalyptic proportions and guess which one of us High Noon-ed that shit for the good of the cause? Quick clue: It wasn’t your friendly narrator who may, or may not have been turned into an Orc on this month’s banner.

So what did we watch since last we met? What will we talk about? Well there was a screening of the LOST BOYS DCP on a giant IMAX screen. There was also SCARFACE on a brand new 35mm print. On the 2016 releases front we try to stay on topic with THE NICE GUYS, MOJAVE, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, ZOOTOPIA, MONEY MONSTER, CONCUSSION, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2, GODS OF EYGPT, KINDERGARTEN COP 2 and MR. RIGHT. We also step out to cinema for Duncan Jones’ WARCRAFT returning with tales of the journey.

If you want these frakkers to keep on going, give us a listen and then comment below.

SHOW NOTES: Adam misnames a cast member on WARCRAFT, it’s Dominic Cooper (THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE, PREACHER) that is the correct name. Also can’t believe I forgot to shout out to Clancy Brown and Ben Foster who also star.




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