FilmFrak: The Podcast#2: OFFICIAL LAUNCH




So you gave us a listen and then you encouraged us. Big Mistake, YOUR mistake! You said Beetlejuice three times. You said Candyman in a mirror. Hell you were crazy enough to walk upstairs and see what was making all that noise. You validated us and now Adam & Jon are doing this thing for real. Sure it sounds like we are bullshitting away as usual, but in our hearts we’re now taking this thing seriously. We even have an Act 1: Past – Act 2: Present – Act 3: Future format now like real professionals.

Looking back on what we watched since last we met this episode we chat about our HITCHCOCK marathon, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, HIGH-RISE, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, HARDCORE HENRY, CRIMINAL, TRIPLE-9. DEMOLITION, THE LOBSTER, JUNGLE BOOK and KEANU, then we head out for a screening of GREEN ROOM in cinemas and return to tell you all about it. We wrap it all up with the May releases coming soon that have our attention.

So if you want these frakers to keep on going, give Adam & Jon a listen and then comment below.


SHOW NOTES: The Hitchcock book Adam references in this podcast is ALFRED HITCHCOCK: A LIFE IN DARKNESS by Patrick McGilligan. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE


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