FilmFrak: The Podcast#24: AVENGERING ANIMALS



Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 24

Episode 24 of the FilmFrak Podcast comes with a big, flashing neon SPOILER WARNING tag.

We read your comments. We saw the text messages. We received your emails. Today we finally answer the question that’s been on the lips of millions of film lovers the last week…Did Adam and Jon like Avengers?

So it is that this mighty month of May Film Frak Adam & Jon assembled to discuss all things Infinity War. It gets loud, it gets excited and yes it was impossible to discuss this epic without swimming in a pool of spoilers.

Fear not though, for those who have not yet witnessed the cosmic Thanos dance, just skip to the 1 hour and 8-minutes mark to avoid us ruining some of the films numerous pivotal plot points and character moments.

At around that hour mark is where you will get to listen as Film Frak Adam talks about the highlights of the always impressive annual Independent Film Festival Boston and *****spoiler****** the giddy moment he got to shake the hand of one Mr. Paul Schrader.

So, you have been warned. Now here’s a rundown of what titles are in store this episode:

  • Avengers: Infinity War (Spoilers)
  • First Reformed
  • A Prayer Before Dawn
  • American Animals


  • Showdown in Manila
  • Forbidden Power

Until next month, as always we encourage all feedback and thank you for listening.

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FilmFrak Jon and FilmFrak Adam doing The Avengers thing

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