FilmFrak Podcast Special: The Neverending Story Starring Tami Stronach



The Neverending Story FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring Tami Stronach

Life is filled with pleasant surprises and one of the rarest and also most spirit lifting is when childhood icons grow into real life adult’s worthy of their fictional counterparts. Tami Stronach, best known as the Childhood Empress in the 1984 fantasy classic THE NEVER ENDING STORY was one such treasure.

Grounded and charming Tami is an absolute jewel as she happily gushes right along with Adam & Jon about all things Fantasia. The magic of childhood, the gift of imagination and following your heart. We reminisce, we explore life from the 80’s to the present and beyond.

So give it a listen and feel no shame with guilt free nostalgia that will have you walking away a little lighter for the experience.

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