FilmFrak Interview Special: The Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage interview starring Shahin Sean Solimon

Shahin Sean Solimon Sinbad

Shahin Sean Solimon Sinbad

FilmFrak Interview Special: The Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage interview starring Shahin Sean Solimon

Shahin_Sean_Solimon_Actor_Director_SinbadThank you for taking the time for this email interview. As my knowledge is limited, I would like to start at the beginning with a snapshot of your childhood and formative years? Can you share a little of what shaped you as an individual? -FilmFrak Adam-  

Shahin Sean Solimon: You are very welcome, thanks for having me. I was raised in FL with a great adoptive Amercian family. My adoptive father, George, taught me a lot about film and the arts. One summer he took me to see Star Wars on it’s second run in theaters and I was hooked. I had to make films if it was the last thing I did. My mother is a Persian pop artist, so when I reunited with her, I was able to enhance my love for creativity gradually and here we are, moving forward. 

What do you hope you’re telling of the Sinbad legend brings to the screen? How did you approach the role?-FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: My primary goal was to make a fun movie and expand my filmmaking horizon. I believe my version brings a combo of authenticity, and originality with a nice dose of nostalgia. It was a dream come true for me and took the role of “Sinbad” VERY seriously and hoped the audience would pick up on that. When I was physically acting, I pretty much transformed my mind to what “Sinbad The Sailor” would think, do and say. I hope that I represented well.

Sinbad-The-Fifth-Voyage-2014Practical stop-motion Harryhaussen FX have been making a comeback recently with films like Laika Studios KUBO & THE TWO STRINGS and the low budget fantasy DAVE MADE A MAZE. What do you think the charm and timeless appeal of the meticulous technique is and why did you opt for that labor intensive avenue? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: Yes, very accurate and so awesome to see that. I believe there is a whole “other” type of feel and look to stop-motion that will never be duplicated, due to the process. CGI has also come a long way, but there is still a difference and romanticism to stop-motion that makes them so fun to watch. I have some other projects in mind that I am hoping to expand on, crossing fingers. They are very exciting in my opinion.

You managed to secure Captain Picard himself Patrick Stewart to narrate SINBAD: THE FIFTH VOYAGE. How did that come about? Do you have any anecdotes of working with him that you could share? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: Sir Patrick Stewart is a legend, real and a gentleman. He was, by far, the best person/artist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Now I know why some people ascend to such heights and some don’t.  He made me feel like I was the only director in the world. That is all I can say. Would love to work with him again. We had great chemistry.

Your upcoming film ALPHA: AN AWAKENING is currently scheduled for a 2018 release. What can you tell us about the film?
-FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: It’s a simple story of the last man on Earth, set in a mind-bending post-apocalyptic setting. The rest I would hope that the fans will watch and enjoy, with a little luck from the movie Gods! Haha

Still on the topic of ALPHA: AN AWAKENING. You mention that Twilight Zone was an inspiration. That show changed my life as a kid and continues to stimulate thoughts and ideas, what do you see as the core strength appeal? What is your favourite episodes and why? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: The primary appeal from the Twilight Zone is that the characters and stories come first, and not the FX and action. I think that is the most potent form of movie making; your mind has to go for a run, sort of speak.

I am very partial to Midnight Sun, Nightmare at 20,000, and The Monsters Due on Maple Street.  Mostly due to the fantastic characters and character arcs that are supplied in these beautiful episodes.

sinbad-fifth-voyageSince your debut feature DIJINN in 2008 you have served as Writer, Director, Producer and Star of your own films. Where does your passion lie, which form of creative expression rewards you most? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: I grew up making many home films, pretty much doing those duties. I guess I just want to see it happen, and slowly developed the love for all aspects equally. Acting is probably my favorite, since performing runs in my family, however, not to take anything away from writing and directing. I believe they all can work harmoniously together. Given the right environment and passion.

Your career appears to operate outside the traditional Hollywood machine. How do you navigate the business aspect, gain financing and realize a vision? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: Honestly, and it may sound corny, but I believe “where there is a will, there is a way.” Also, I would love to work within the “Hollywood machine”, as I have a deep respect for the studios. I believe I could make them a lot of money. But I am honing my skills meanwhile. Haha

Researching for this interview, I discovered a rumor you were aspiring to remake Ed Wood’s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. What happened with the project? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: That was a futile thought that I had for about five minutes. I love the movie Ed Wood, with Johny Depp directed by Tim Burton. So I thought wouldn’t it be fun if etc etc… however, I quickly realized there are many of them on Youtube, Amazon, etc. Also, I don’t believe Ed Wood would really want some dude remaking his original, it’s not fair to him. So, it was just a thought, I have many of them. Haha

I get the impression that classic authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells fed your childhood imagination like mine. Any desire to tackle any of their material in the future? -FilmFrak Adam-

Shahin Sean Solimon: Yes, very much so and yes, I would love to! Right now I am concentrating on some of my own original work. However, I would love to tackle some of these wonderful classics, with a friendly budget. I feel I can make them relevant again!



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