FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3


FILM FRAK PODCAST 36: 2020 Catch-Up Part 3

Welcome to episode 36 of the Film Frak Podcast

 We are continuing in the new format and having an absolute blast.

2020 has offered us enough back log that it’s taken 3 full episodes over 2 hours each to catch up. Despite the obvious shortage of fresh titles we are still cherry picking the titles we “want” to talk about.

This week we dig into:

 THE VAST OF NIGHT (click here to watch trailer)

PROXIMA  (click here to watch trailer)

TRIP TO GREECE  (click here to watch trailer)

DOGS DON’T WEAR PANTS  (click here to watch trailer)

BLOOD MACHINES  (click here to watch trailer)

THE LODGE  (click here to watch trailer)

THE PLATFORM aka EL HOYO  (click here to watch trailer)

CALM WITH HORSES  aka THE SHADOWS OF VIOLENCE (click here to watch trailer)

NATALIE WOOD: WHAT REMAINS BEHIND  (click here to watch trailer)

As requested, please let us know in the feedback what you thought of the flicks we reviewed, what we get right or wrong and what you would like to see Film Frak talk about on the show.

Till next time. Thanks for watching.


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