Film Frak Podcast Special: Grease and Wargames Starring Eddie Deezen



Grease and Wargames Film Frak Podcast Special: Starring Eddie Deezen

In honor of the 40th anniversary of GREASE, Film Frak is pleased to welcome Mr. Eddie Deezen to the show.

Eddie’s Deezen has had an extensive career. His personality dominates the frame anytime he is on camera. He singlehandedly defined the iconic onscreen persona of the “nerd” and was also the first to play what we now call a “computer geek”. His contribution to the history of cinema is easy to overlook but impossible to ignore once witnessed.

Some actors are just engrained on your psyche no matter how big or small the role. Eddie Deezen as Eugene in GREASE and as Malvin in WARGAMES is that type of actor. I can’t even begin to count how many times I watched both these films as a kid. When you add the voice of Mandark, Dexter’s arch nemesis from DEXTERS LAB into the mix it cements his presence in mine and I’m sure, many of your lives too.

I was fortunate to chat with Eddie about his acting and animated voice work, his time on set with Spielberg, Zemeckis, Belushi and more plus his passion for The Fab Four. That unmistakable voice made for a surreal experience to begin but Eddie’s graciousness and enthusiasm made for an unforgettable interview that I hope you all enjoy.

Watch Eddie Deezen in WARGAMES

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