FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

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Film Frak Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

Watch FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome too a new format with FILM FRAK Comfort Food Podcast: Episode 1.

We listened to your feedback and now it’s time to take your good advice.

We’re excited to announce our first ever retro podcast. What better place to launch during these “unprecedented” times of global turmoil and isolation than with a list of our Comfort Food Flicks.

Different from Favourites these are like the Chicken Soup of cinema to us. The films Jon and Adam turn to in challenging times to escape into the magical world of moving pictures. Movies we know inside out that have become part of our DNA. They are more like old friends at this point there to make us smile and remind us why we are addicted to the medium.

This pilot episode Jon talks:
THE LAST DRAGON (1985) (click here to watch trailer)
FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) (click here to watch trailer)
KRULL (1983) (click here to watch trailer)
AIRBORNE (1993) (click here to watch trailer)
TERROR-VISION (1986) (click here to watch trailer)

This pilot episode Adam talks:
THE MAGNIFICENT 7 (1960) (click here to watch trailer)
BIG WEDNESDAY  (1978) (click here to watch trailer)
SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE(1978) (click here to watch trailer)
AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973) (click here to watch trailer)
THE ODD COUPLE (1968) (click here to watch trailer)

As requested, please let us know in the feedback what you thought of the flicks we reviewed, what we get right or wrong and what you would like to see in future episodes.

Till next time. Thanks for watching.


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