FilmFrak Exclusive: PAYING MR McGETTY Interview with Etcetera

PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera
PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera

PAYING MR. McGETTY Music Supervisor Etcetera

FilmFrak Exclusive: PAYING MR. McGETTY Interview with Etcetera

After having the privilege of speaking to Don “The Dragon Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock last month your ever vigilante Frakkers continue their PAYING MR. McGETTY press extravaganza. This time it’s an exclusive email interview with the award winning actor/musician Etcetera who worked on the soundtrack.

Etcetera took time out of his bustling schedule producing and recording in the studio as well as creating music for cinema to answer our questions. We hope you enjoy reading about this relatively new face.


ETCETERAThank you for taking the time for this interview. We’re here today to talk about working on your second feature film soundtrack, PAYING MR. McGETTY. How did the project come to you and what was appeal of the job?

Etcetera: I was recommended to the director and the producers of the film by my former co-star and actress Anita Clay. I accepted the position based off the credibility of Anita, but when I heard and saw what the movie was about, I was ecstatic that I accepted.

What did you personally want to accomplish with your score for PAYING MR McGETTY? What elements of the film were you eager to amplify with your own music? How did you approach the task?

Etcetera: I wanted to create the ultimate soundtrack and source music for the film, which would explain the entire movie by just listening. I didn’t have a specific area in the movie that I wanted to highlight, I basically wanted to highlight every aspect of the film and have the audience on non-stop euphoria. After sitting with the editors for eighteen hours, I thought that if I started the film off with a bang, I would then take the viewers on an emotional roller coaster. In every section that I was slotted for I customized songs that would place the scene in over drive. For example, when Tyrell was in the casino winning at the table, drinking and having fun I wanted a song that would excite the moment and cheer on the so called “bad guy”

You made your acting debut with BLACK HEART in 2011. Did you actively seek out that project or did it develop more organically? What were the challenges of working on your first film?

Etcetera: I was chosen as an extra in the film and the lead character did not work out, the directors decided to give me a shot and the rest became IMBD Awarding Winning Actor History. Some of the challenges I faced were fear. Fear that since I never acted before that I was going to screw it up for everyone. I was also afraid that I would be taking a job away from a long time trained actor. As the time went on and I processed the role and it became more prevalent that I did have what it took but it just needed to be molded. That’s where my co-star Anita clay came in to assist me and we made the movie hot.

Is working on scoring films fulfilling? How does the process differ from say working on your debut album CHARACTER?

Etcetera: I love working on scoring a film and doing the soundtrack. Music is my life. Music made me who I am and I will always give 175%. Scoring a film and working on an album to me is almost the same. Both are the soundtracks of a story, only difference is one is a direct interpretation and the other is audio version of the director’s interpretation.

Were you inspired by movie scores of the past? What are some of your favorite soundtracks and scores of all time?

Etcetera: Most Definitely, some of favorite soundtracks are The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, Bad Boys 1 & 2, Purple Rain, Batman, Home, Claudine, House Party 1 & 2, Class Act, Friday, Big Mommas House, College Trip, The Nutty Professor, Titanic, Saturday Night Fever, The Great Gatsby, Transformers and X-Men, just to name a few.

The overall tone of McGetty is quite relaxed and fun, when you visited the set were there any shenanigans that took place? Did you get to spend some time with the legendary Don “The Dragon” Wilson or Cynthia Rothrock and if so any anecdotes?

Etcetera: Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to be on the set. I was traveling doing shows at the time but during the editing process I got a chance to converse with the legendary Don “The Dragon” Wilson who had us laughing and he also explained to me his martial arts history, which had me amazed. As far as Cynthia Rothrock I only had the pleasure of meeting her during the showing of the film in Times Square theatre in New York City.

What lessons did you take away from the experience of working on PAYING MR McGETTY?

Etcetera: To absorb everything and take it for what it is worth. To understand that you are not the only big idea in the room, just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean that they aren’t known…. maybe you just know as many people as you think you do.

etcetera keep it 100 coverI have to ask. Where did the name ETCETERA come from?

Etcetera: The name came out of the type of music I created and the type rap style I delivered. I never really followed the trend or a fad. I rhymed different, my style was different, the image was different and when I came on the scene, I didn’t really fit musically so I was placed in the category of Etcetera…. so that’s what I became..…Etcetera and the rest is platinum history.

Does the future hold more soundtrack work? What’s coming up next for you in general?

Etcetera: Most definitely more soundtracks, more source music, more movies, more albums, more video games, and just more music. I am returning effortlessly with my manager David Ash and the new label, World Wide Music Group, backed by Ingroove Music Group/ Universal Music Group and FMP Music. I am out performing and chart soaring with my latest single “Keep It 100” feat Tory Lanez. I am now working on the music for the new film called M.O.T.H. Matters of the Heart with my 2X award winning film director Nancy Vasquez and a new TV comedy pilot called “Kellys Korner” with super funny comedian Gerald Kelly. I am diligently working on my new sophomore album with super producer Francion “Fran Am” Corbett who co-executively produced my last polished album “Character”. We are in production with Will Millers Films for the new Etcetera headphone branded commercial campaign and the team at the cutting edge of audio sound, V-Moda, also I am featured on the chart climbing remix of “Addicted to the Hustle” with the Texas power house hip hop group Elite Star and “Friday the Remix” with Grammy Award winning and former Playhouse Disney Children’s Music Star Father Goose and hopefully more, we will see, GOD willing.


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