Film Frak interviews Don 'The Dragon" Wilson
Film Frak interviews Don 'The Dragon" Wilson

Film Frak interviews Don ‘The Dragon” Wilson


We talk Scorsese, head smashing and nutrition with Don “The muthafuckin Dragon” Wilson! That’s right! The frakkers were fortunate enough to spend some time on the phone with the 11 time Kickboxing champion of the world, star of the BLOODFIST franchise and all round wrecking machine talking about his latest film THE MARTIAL ARTS KID and PAYING MR McGETTY.

From SAY ANYTHING, RING OF FIRE and OUT FOR BLOOD to the upcoming DEVOTION Don Wilson’s career has spanned fifty films including STEALING HARVARD and BATMAN FOREVER.

Once you listen to our phone interview read the compendium email interview below where Don talks Corman, Cusack and Penn along with Van Damme’s fake kickboxing record .

Passionate, friendly and inspirational, we hope you get as much pleasure listening to the podcast as we had recording this FilmFrak exclusive.



We are here today because of your new film PAYING MR McGETTY is scheduled for release this month. In your latest film PAYING MR McGETTY you play the bad guy. Were you inspired by any villains from cinema history or did you just create the character of Shota Kabu on your own?  –FilmFrak Adam-

 Don “The Dragon” Wilson: I watched “No Country for Olld Men” and “The Professional” and tried to give Shota some of the traits-qualities of those 2 bad guys.


With over 80 wins and 47 knockouts at a variety of different weight classes, very few professional fighters can match your record in the ring.  Who was more most challenging opponent in and out of the ring? –FilmFrak Jon-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Actually, my official record is 72 wins 5 losses and 2 draws.  James Waring was the most difficult opponent because styles make the fight and his was a complicated one for me.  He is 6″ 4″ and the IBF Boxing Champion as well as Cruiserweight WKA World Kickboxing Champion. Out of the ring and on the screen, all my opponents have been easy because it always says I win in the script. 


Who were some of your greatest influences in the world of fighting both then AND now? –FilmFrak Jon-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Benny the Jet Urquidez and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace drectly and through their fighting philosophies helped me develop my own style of fighting.


The BLOODFIST series is among the defining film work of your career. Produced by Roger Corman, can you tell us what it’s like working on a Corman production? –FilmFrak Adam-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: I Starred in 12 films for Roger Corman and worked as a CoProducer in many of them.  He influenced me more than any other person in show business.  He, along with my agent Ray Cavalieri and Chris Penn guided me throughout my 30 Starring roles acting career as a Martial Arts Action Star.


Many of us first became aware of you watching SAY ANYTHING and the sparring scene that you filmed in the same dojo as THE KARATE KID. Reading up back then you trained John Cusack and formed a fast bond on that film. How did SAY ANYTHING come to you? What are your memories from the shoot? What’s it like working with John onscreen and how was he as a student?  –FilmFrak Adam-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Chris Penn was the original choice for the lead in Say Anything, however, Cameron Crowe felt Chris looked too old to be a High School student so he asked me to train John Cusack for the role.   I had met John before and knew him to be a humble, talented, hard working actor.  He was a natural from the first lesson and picked up the study of martial arts very quickly.  After we worked together he hired Benny the Jet to be his personal trainer.  Cameron Crowe was a first time director but his humble openminded approach to filmmaking were obviously assests based on how his career exploded after the film. (In a good way)


You worked with the talented Chris Penn on films like FUTUREKICK; REDEMPTION and STEALING HARVARD. If it’s not too personal, what are your memories of Chris and what was it like working with him? –FilmFrak Adam-

 Don “The Dragon” Wilson:  He was my best friend and my son”s Godfather.  We lived, trained and traveled together ever since the first day we met back in 1985.  I only have great memories of him and miss his friendship every day.  I used to say he was like a Bull in the China Shop of Life.  He got in his own way sometimes but his kind and generous heart made him a forgiveable and loyal friend.  RIP

Any memories or anecdotes from working on the set of BATMAN FOREVER–FilmFrak Adam-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Joel Schumaker asked me to appear in his film and add some martial arts action.  I was very honored to be a part of his film and did the best I could with the very short scene (cameo).  He was very kind and respectful as a director so my memories of working with him are, as they say, all good.


During the 80s and 90s a slew of highly successful martial arts action heroes emerged like Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Jeff Speakman, Michael Dudikoff and so on. Were there any failed projects or ideas around the time that would have seen you work together with any of them? Did you know any of them? If you could do a buddy action comedy film with any martial artist working today who would it be and why? –FilmFrak Adam-

Don “The Dragon” Wilson: I have been offered a role with JCVD but it did not happen probably because he would not want to work with me due to my statements regarding his fake kickboxing record.  Michael Dudikoff and I have worked in the same film but not in the same scenes.  I would love to work with Chuck Norris because he was the first person in show business that suggested I might be able to have a second career as an actor.


As always we encourage all feedback and thank you for listening.

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A special thanks to David J. Moore for making this interview possible. David is the author of The Good, the Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960s-Present World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies and PR Man @videovalhalla.
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