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Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: The Jaws 43rd Anniversary Starring Carl Gottlieb



Film Frak Podcast Interview Special: The Jaws 43rd Anniversary Starring Carl Gottlieb

This week marks the 43rd anniversary of JAWS and to celebrate I had the privilege of chatting to the films screenwriter Carl Gottlieb.

This is one of those interviews I’ve dreamed about all my life. To chat with the man who had a major hand in scarring my childhood with a deep seeded fear of the oceans apex predator by adapting Peter Benchley’s novel JAWS into a screenplay. It’s safe to say that few writers have had such a powerful effect in influencing my reality as Carl Gottlieb.

THE JAWS LOG was a revelation...

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Film Frak Podcast Special: Grease and Wargames Starring Eddie Deezen



Grease and Wargames Film Frak Podcast Special: Starring Eddie Deezen

In honor of the 40th anniversary of GREASE, Film Frak is pleased to welcome Mr. Eddie Deezen to the show.

Eddie’s Deezen has had an extensive career. His personality dominates the frame anytime he is on camera. He singlehandedly defined the iconic onscreen persona of the “nerd” and was also the first to play what we now call a “computer geek”. His contribution to the history of cinema is easy to overlook but impossible to ignore once witnessed.

Some actors are just engrained on your psyche no matter how big or small the role. Eddie Deezen as Eugene in GREASE and as Malvin in WARGAMES is that type of actor...

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Film Frak Podcast 25: SOLO’s REVENGE



Welcome to Film Frak Podcast 25

The humidity was high on a scorching Boston day as your voyeuristic frakkers sat down to record Episode 25 of the Film Frak Podcast, appropriate considering the scorcher of a film that we talk about first.

The month of May was one of the busiest yet with life getting in the way of other plans but there is ALWAYS time for movie watching. How could we not make time when the attractions included a new Star Wars film. A Deadpool sequel some quality exploitation and genre deconstruction, head fuckery, real world fantasy and WWII survival.

On this episode we talk:

  • Revenge
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Deadpool 2
  • You Were Never Really Here
  • The Endless
  • Hostiles
  • I Kill Giants
  • The 12th Man
  • An...
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FilmFrak: The Podcast#24: AVENGERING ANIMALS



Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 24

Episode 24 of the FilmFrak Podcast comes with a big, flashing neon SPOILER WARNING tag.

We read your comments. We saw the text messages. We received your emails. Today we finally answer the question that’s been on the lips of millions of film lovers the last week…Did Adam and Jon like Avengers?

So it is that this mighty month of May Film Frak Adam & Jon assembled to discuss all things Infinity War. It gets loud, it gets excited and yes it was impossible to discuss this epic without swimming in a pool of spoilers.

Fear not though, for those who have not yet witnessed the cosmic Thanos dance, just skip to the 1 hour and 8-minutes mark to avoid us ruining some of the films...

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FilmFrak: The Podcast#23: A Quiet Place for Dogs



Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 23

After a slow start to 2018 the quality cinema is starting to flow. Getting serious. Dedicated to being as current as possible for you, our dear listeners this is why a sleep deprived Jon and Adam attended a double bill the morning before the show just so we could give you the low down on what’s in cinemas this week…well that and we really love films.

So what did we see you may ask? Well this episode FilmFrak’s Adam & Jon chat:


Until next month, as always we encourage all feedback and thank you for listening.

Please subscribe to us via iTunes and ...

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FilmFrak Podcast Special: The Martial Arts Kid Starring T.J. Storm

TJ Storm

T.J. Storm Publicity Still

The Martial Arts Kid FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring T.J. Storm

T.J. Storm may not be a household name but you’ve most definitely appreciated the man’s work without knowing it. He’s an actor, martial artist, stuntman and dancer. He also does motion capture and voice work for films and video games.

Among his acting credits are Maginty in Punisher: War Zone. He’s worked with Udo Kier & Bridgette Nielsen in Doomsday and made an appearance in A Month of Sunday’s from 2001 starring Rod Steiger, Sally Kirkland, Michael Pare, Dee Wallace and Jamie Farr.

As a motion capture artist he’s suited up for the likes of Avatar, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, JJ’s Star T...

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FilmFrak: The Podcast#22: Phantom Annihilation

FilmFrak Small Town Crime Banner

FilmFrak: The Podcast#22: Small Town Crimes Banner

Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 22

We do our best to catch you all up on our cinema adventures as we return for our first regular show of 2018. It’s time to chat about what we have seen in the last 3 months and take a snapshot of the year to date.

So far there have been 2 films that could potential be in the running to make our year end list. A few massive disappointments that fail to meet there potential and some serviceable entertainment. Which is which. You will have to listen to find out…or look at the list below and deduce the answers.

This episode FilmFrak’s Adam & Jon chat:

  • Red Sparrow
  • Black Panther
  • Annihilation
  • Phantom Thread
  • Paddington 2
  • Ple...
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FilmFrak_Best Of 2017

FilmFrak_Best Of 2017

Adam & Jon’s Frakking Favourite Films of 2017

2017 saw us Frakkers hit a groove in our second year of recording the show. Our simple vision of sharing a hyperactive passion for films in an unedited freestyle chat expanded beyond our own insular desires.

Thanks to unforeseen listeners who liked our “enthusiasm” and reached out this year we had the honor of interviewing a treasure trove of talent. From impossible realities like cult master Larry Cohen to martial arts legends of our VHS obsessed childhoods like Don ‘The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock. Upcoming head kickers and stunt daredevils like Brahim Achabbakhe to ignore the odds creators who forge their own destiny like Jino Kang...

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A RECKONING FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring Andrew David Barker

A Reckoning-A D Barker
A Reckoning-A D Barker

Author, Screenwriter and Director Andrew David Barker

A RECKONING FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring Andrew David Barker

FilmFrak moves into the future with our premiere Skype Video Podcast Interview.

This interview special we are joined from across the pond by the talented Author, Screenwriter and Director Andrew David Barker.

It was an absolute pleasure having a natter to the filmmaker of the lost 2011 work A RECKONING (Discussed on Episode 19 of the FilmFrak podcast). A gifted cinephile excited about craft, interpretation and all that film can achieve, we talk about realizing your artistic vision only to lose out on the industry commerce side…but this is no tale of woe, it’s about working hard for your dreams and following your inspiration to a life of creation.

A RECKONING announces...

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FilmFrak Podcast 20: Three Billboards and a Ladybird

Welcome to Film Frak: The Podcast 20

It’s our final FilmFrak Podcast episode for 2017 and it’s an epic. Our biggest show ever with 19 titles to enthusiastically gush, puke or shrug at while tactfully and sometimes not so artfully navigating spoilers.

It’s been a stellar year for FilmFrak. Jon and I want to thank all our listeners. Every. Single. One. You make it all possible rewarding us with your support. No audience. No show. It’s that simple. Well maybe that’s not completely true. We do love the sound of our own voices.,,,anyway, thank you.

We’re excited for you to all join us again in late January when we return with our Frakking Favourites of 2...

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