Film Frak: The Podcast#31: Frakking Most Anticipated of 2019



Film Frak: The Podcast#31: Frakking Most Anticipated of 2019

Welcome to Film Frak: Episode 31

With our best of 2018 episode in the rearview it’s time to look towards the future. Before that however we do some final 2018 housekeeping as well as examine some early 2019 entries that we’ve caught.

This month we review:

  • Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Polar
  • Piercing
  • Beast
  • High Flying Bird
  • Reign of the Supermen
  • Standoff at Sparrow Creek
  • Free Solo
  • Joan Jett

…then it’s onto the real business of the day with some 2019 releases that show the kind of traits we are lured by around these parts. We speculate on what they may deliver and why they have our attention.

Only time will tell which movies deliver and which fail to meet expectations. At this early stage in the year it’s always safe to assume the list will grow substantially. The only thing that’s certain is Jon and I will be watching as many 2019 flicks as we can and offering our own verdicts for you all to listen too.

Here’s an alphabetical list of names for reference so you don’t need to listen with a pen and paper in hand to note which trailers need watching and which titles demand your own research.

  • Ad Astra
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Beach Bum
  • Boss Level
  • Brighburn
  • Captain Marvel
  • Captive State
  • Chaos Walking
  • Death of Dick Long
  • Dragged Across Concrete
  • Ford vs Ferrari
  • Godzilla: King of Monsters
  • High Life
  • Iceman – Der Mann aus dem Eis
  • John Wick 3
  • Kingsman 3
  • Knives Out
  • Little Woods
  • Love, Death & Robot
  • Mega Time Squad
  • Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
  • Pet Semetary
  • Rocketman
  • Star Wars IX
  • Tolkien
  • Toy Story 4
  • Triple Frontier
  • Triple Threat
  • Us
  • Woman in the Window

Until next month, as always we encourage all feedback.

Let us know what titles have your attention for 2019?

Thanks you for listening.

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