Who the Frak Are We?


We’re Film Frak Adam and Jon.

A pair of film obsessed frakkers who embrace the medium in all it’s forms from deep trash to high art. Eager to share our passion for motion pictures with the world we maybe a little foul mouthed (especially the Aussie) and opinionated at times but our target is to be bloody entertaining and informative too.

For decades FilmFrak Adam lived the life of a global vagabond only recently returning to Australia after living in the USA. A film journalist, screenwriter, editor, producer and filmmaker with a world view warped through the lens of art, philosophy and travel.

FilmFrak Jon is a New Hampshire dwelling fitness guru. A graphic designer, Videographer/Cinematographer, editor and filmmaker with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Together as Film Frak our business is cinema. We publish news and editorials, share reviews and record interviews. We attend premieres and festivals, promote screeners and do everything and anything related to movies. In the off hours we make films, watch films, talk films and…well do pretty much exactly the same thing.

Now that we have introduced ourselves please feel free to drop us a line by visiting our Fraking Feedack page HERE.

Welcome to Film Frak. We hope you have a good time.

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